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Thoughts of a Suicide Girl Essay

  • Submitted by: trilli11
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Random thoughts

Afraid. Something that ive worked so hard to conqure and destroy and yet that sensation still creeps back. It has been hard enough letting the common bypasser see me, hear, know me and to think that anyone might be listening to me and getting a glimpse at what i never intended anyone to see really hurts. ItS MY worse fear and my deepest struggle to hide myself and yet life alive. I really do want to just experience life in its fullest and yet i sense that ive been pushed into something that should have taken much time. I have no idea what is going on and i dont want to know. I refuse to dig and i refuse to understand it even though intuitively i already do. I have been breached. To what extend i am afraid to know. If i ever will i only hope that i can take it. That i can eventually discard the shadows that we all try to hide behind . I have mine and i know that you have your. At certain moments perhaps that all that we have, when we abondon our true selves at least we still ahve the masks that we have created but….. where is mine? Someone decided id be better with out one? Why should mine go and not yours? Is that fair? Listen i have no idea what all of this is about. I wont investigate, but i will trust that it is good. Fun and meaningful. So all that i am responsible to do is to still be me in the mist of it. Whether its true or not that something about me has been exposed or seen either by one or many I can not know- I must not know because right now, I am living. I am immersed in what is real and i hope to keep it that way. I am only part of a bigger picture and that picture if all of life. In its beauty, in its spendor it is all of us. Seen or unseen, i will stive to be unchanged. In the end we all want what pinocco wanted. Just to be real. Just to find out that we actually are made of the essance of life. But we already are that. We have always been real and to discover this is not to change anything at all, it is to simple be. Because the...

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