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Thought Piece Essay

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Growing up, studying and reading English and American books, I had no understanding of how to relate most of the content and characters to everyday life in Nigeria. These books mostly emphasized children playing on the snow, talking about the weather and how lovely it is that the sun has come out. Despite the fact that all I have ever know in my life is how the sun rise and set every day, it was difficult for me to understand what snow is and why we never had any. This paper aims to focus on the greatest tragedy in Nigeria today, regarding language and communication; the dominating trend to speak only English in our community and the negative impact in our daily lives. Nevertheless, not only has the government contributed to this problem, they have also set out laws that makes it mandatory for all schools to teach only in English, and today is now a punishable offence in most of our local schools to speak any local language and by doing that, it has made children value English above all other languages. The consequence of this trend has not only denied us an opportunity to learn in our own language that I believe will enhance their understanding, but has also made it difficult for the next generation to value our own local language and culture therein.
Communication is life; from our personal relationships to our professional connections, our ability to communicate can spell the difference between success or failure in all aspect of our lives. Arguably, we may have notice that people that are successful, generally have a high ability to communicate and those that are not successful don’t always have an effective communication skill. However, there are a lot of people who think they are communicating but are not; some have trouble expressing themselves because of the language barriers, others have a hard time listening, some people say too little, other wonder why no one wants to talk to them, and some can’t start a conversation or how to end. The...

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