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Thoery on Directing Essay

  • Submitted by: ogadloopse
  • on March 26, 2014
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The order managerial to teach, function a teacher of has directing to guide is like his students, the activities maintain of a teacher discipline, in a classroom. inspire themIn
and lead them to the desired goal. It is a very important function in the management of any
enterprise. It helps the managers in ensuring quality performance of jobs by the employees
and achievement of organisational goals. It involves supervision, communication and
providing leadership to the subordinates and motivating them to contribute to their best of
capability. In this lesson we shall learn about this function in detail.


After studying this lesson, you will be able to:

• state the meaning and importance of directing function;
identify the elements of directing;

describe the meaning and importance of communication;

• state the different types of communication;

• explain the meaning, functions and importance of supervision;
describe the meaning and importance of motivation;

state the various ways of motivation;

• explain the meaning and importance of leadership; and
identify the qualities of a good leader.


While managing an enterprise, managers have to get things done through people. In order
to be able to do so, they have to undertake many activities, like guide the people who

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Business Management
work under them, inspire and lead them to achieve common objectives. An office manager,
for instance, has to supervise the activities of his subordinates, i.e., typists, office assistants,
dispatchers, accounts clerks, etc. He has to issue instructions to them and describe and
Notes illustrate the work and related activities. He has to tell them what to do, and how to do it.
The office manager can plan, organise and appoint people, but he can not get things done,
unless he assigns specific duties to his subordinates and motivates them to perform well....

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