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This Is Actually Just Work i Found On The Computer Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The Evolution of Spiderman
For the best part of a decade audiences around the world were thrilled and entertained by Sam Raimi’s big budget film portrayal of Spiderman. Both the director and the studio had decided that the franchise should be family friendly, possibly so that the studio could launch a range of toys and merchandise. Even though the film was most certainly a family friendly film it was still enjoyed by a wide range of audiences, both die hard ‘spidey’ fans and people whose eyes were simply caught by the trailer.   A fourth film in the series had been announced which included John Malkcovich who would have portrayed ‘The Vulture’ as the main antagonist. This endeavour has been scrapped due to creative differences between Raimi and the studio, it has been suggested that the exact reason is that the studio were not happy with elements of the script on which Raimi had chosen.
After the cancelation of Spiderman 4 Raimi stated that he had no intention of making anymore Spiderman films. ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, due for release this summer, has been describe as a redo as opposed to a reboot. It will be, director, Marc Webb’s second feature length. It is predicted that this new franchise will have a far more serious tone and deal with more realistic story elements. Unlike the previous films it will steer clear from having a plot which is heavily weighed down with romance and at times light-hearted slapstick comedy. This film will fully document the transition and evolution of Peter Parker to Spiderman, and all the complications that come with it. Webb’s version will most certainly have a much darker tone, making it a comic book film which is better suited to the die-hard fans instead of a family audience.
This kind of evolution in film is not an isolated event, it has happened throughout history. A prime example of this is the transition from Joel Schumacher’s Batman films to Christopher Nolan’s adaption- Batman Begins. The difference between these two...

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