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“Thinking About Your Writing” Essay

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I have had limited experiences with writing assignments in the past and have only recently found myself learning about thesis statements and supporting evidence. I did not know that there were some many parts to writing a proper paper. When starting a writing assignment, I begin by finding the right topic which will have enough supporting evidence to keep readers interested in the subject but not so much that it makes it too broad or general. Once I have chosen a topic, I begin an outline with a thesis statement so that I can map out the points I want to discuss and if there is too much or too little information then I chose a different topic. After my outline is complete, I write the introductory paragraph using my thesis statement and pointing the audience in the direction I would like my discussion to go. I continue by writing the body using three major points I want to express and supporting evidence to coincide with the topic. Finally, I carefully word my conclusion to reinforce my standpoint regarding the topic and thesis. I have found that research on specific topics tends to bring a great deal of stress on me along with deadlines. It is especially stressful when the topic is not one that can be changed. The first time I had to write a thesis statement, I ended up changing the topic three times before finding the acceptable one which had the right balance of information. I find it most rewarding when I have finally completed my paper and I receive positive feedback (even feedback for things I need to work on). This helps me to understand what works better for next time and how to eliminate any extra stressors that were unnecessary to begin with. My biggest struggles would have to be that I tend to get stuck inside my head often, can’t find the right words, and tend to over think what I am trying to say. My strengths are that I am determined to do the best that I can, I am open to advice in order to improve my skills, and I have a thirst to positively express...

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