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Thesis Essay

  • Submitted by: ariana4567
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: History
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In my outlook I think religion has created problems throughout history. There are many reasons on why I think religion caused so many problems. My leading reason is September 11th, when Muslims planned a terrorist attack on America, killing thousands of people. Another reason on why I think religion created problems is because of bullying. People that are extremely into their religion get bullied for many reasons, for example most Islam’s wear turbans on their heads, and   most Islam’s that are kids get bullied in school for being different as well as the odd on out. Same sex marriage is one of the major debate issues in America today, and the principal behind that reason is because different religions have diverse beliefs against gay marriage.

September 11th was a day of terror and many families lost loved ones. ‘It was one of the most significant events in world history, killing just about 3,000 people.’(Uzac)   There are so many different reasons on why it happened, but truly the real reason will always remain a mystery.   The terrorist group that was guilty for the attacks were Muslim extremist who don't like America or Americans. Most of the men have been persuaded by their leaders to believe that Allah wanted them to follow through with what they were led to believe was their mission in life. They thought if they committed the actions they would go straight to “their” heaven. They were led to believe that this was known as a ‘suicide mission’.   Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind the September 11th terrorist attacks. After first denying participation in 2001, he later stated in 2004 how he prepared the nineteen hijackers to carry out his plan. September 11th was a day that the leaders in this group made people believe this was part on their religion.

Faith based bullying is an important topic across the United States especially due to stereotypes that some people have about certain religions.   One in four children is bullied because of their faith....

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