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Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: bourgy
  • on August 31, 2013
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Theories are propositions that have meaning, validity, and truth within a specific context, such as a historical context, a social context, or a cultural context (Butts, 2010). In these ever-changing nursing environments, nursing theories have managed to provide theoretical bases for nursing research and practice. Theories have been the fundamental part of nursing from the early stage of nursing discipline as a profession.        |
According to Butts (2010) theory is practice, it takes and shapes the practice and if practice is action or doing, then theory does quite a lot more powerfulness. Thinking theoretically is, indeed, engaging in very practical tasks. Since theory questions actions, the manner in which things are done, seeks the most credible and meaningful answers, and builds a story in which to frame the questions and the answers, it does indeed require practitioners to engage in quite a bit of practical work. And if our practices exist by virtue of our theories (Butts, 2010), then I would like to say the nursing practice is deep rooted in theory from the beginning. |
In the early stages of nursing discipline research findings were rarely used to develop a theory. Then, with advances in nursing theories, theorists began to give their attention to research findings to develop a nursing theory. There were nurses’ who made trials to integrate theories into their practice like Simmons linked Orem’s self-care theory to nursing practice in hemodialysis, and Wilson and |
Gramling |
  applied Orem’s self-care theory to burn care ( |
Im |
  & |
Ju |
  Chang, 2012) |
.The |
  priority of nursing science tends to be weighted to research these days, the coexistence of-theory, research, and practice- as three components of nursing science is essential for advances in nursing science ( |
Im |
  & |
Ju |
  Chang, 2012). |
Nursing theories and education are quite interrelated. In curriculum, conceptual |
frame work |...

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