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Theological Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: Panda262
  • on September 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Theological ethics basically is a combination of all ethical concerns.   It encompasses various religious beliefs and ideals; however the term “theological” refers mainly to the Christian beliefs and understandings.   This is not to say that other religious or philosophical beliefs and ideas are wrong, we should certainly look at them to gain knowledge of other cultures and religions ideas of morality in order for us to understand how and why various societies and people act in certain ways.
Most people believe that theological ethics are taken directly from the Bible and it is either right or wrong according to the scriptures.
There are people who believe that Christianity is the only religion and seek to convert as many people as possible to Christianity, however although they are passionate about their cause they can actually land up doing more harm than good in the zealousness as their passion can often be misguide and misconstrued by other faiths causing conflict.
There are various misconception one being that “Witnessing is converting people to the Christian religion”.   This is certainly not true because Christians cannot convert people, only God can cause a change of mind and heart.   Also nowhere in the Bible does it say the Jesus says the Christians must convert people to his religion.   He says to share the good news and to and ask people to follow him

Secondly it is wrong to tell people that they are morally corrupt if they do not believe in the Christian God.   All of humanity has moral standards based on various beliefs, followings and laws.   Most people are taught right from wrong at an early age and carry this on throughout their lives.   They are not sinners and do not need to be “saved” by embracing someone else’s religious beliefs.   Therefore Christianity is not morally superior to other religions and the non-religious.

There are those who believe that Christianity is the only true religion and all other religions must therefore be false.   This...

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