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Theme Analysis

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The central theme of Ramayana can be seen to be the constant battle between Good and Evil. Its heroes fight those who did not respect Dharma, the reflection of godly law upon society. Magical acts, intense action, and the interaction of humans and animals add to the interest.


Much like Christians learn values from the Bible, Hindus find morals in their own religious book, The Ramayana. These proper codes and conducts of Indian society are exemplified through the actions of Rama, and especially his dealings with his brothers Lakshmana, his wife Sita, his mother Kaikeyi, and his father Dasaratha. From Rama's relationship with Sita, an example of the perfect marriage union is envisioned. The moment Rama saw Sita, he was "arrested by her beauty", and the moment he left, her mind "became uncontrollably agitated" (23). Their love continues to blossom to the point that Sita is only alive when she is with Rama, and that when with her husband, "a forest or a marble palace is all the same" (53). Living her entire life in a luxurious palace, and never experiencing anything different, this was a big change for Sita. She asks "what would be the meaning of my existence?" without Rama (53). Wherever Rama goes, is where Sita wants to be. Stubbornly, Sita states to Rama "I'm coming with you; my place is at your side wherever you may be" during the remainder of the next fourteen years (53). The true love a man and a wife are illustrated here much like Jacob, and his 14 years of service for Rebecca in the Bible.Dasaratha's love for Rama and Rama's love for his father Dasaratha is a wonderful thing to behold. The importance of faith and obedience are shown through this father son relationship.The Indian culture has this story filled with many different parables written into it to learn from, and pattern their lives after. If they follow the lessons learned from this story, they can become enlightened.

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