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Theatrical Review Of Cirque De Soldeil - Algeria

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Theatrical Performance Review of Cirque De Soleil - Alegria
HUM 103 – Survey of the Performing Arts
21 November 2011
University of Phoenix

Theatrical Performance Review of Cirque De Soleil
The Cirque De Soleil performance of Alegria in a magical display of art, music, athletic ability, song, and dance which directly reflects the title translated from Spanish means “Jubilation.”   Alegria depicts the transfer of time, power, and characters from ancient royalty to modern democracies of leadership.   ("Alegria," 2011)
I believe that this performance of Alegria is simply astounding.   The actors’ ability to portray various roles of characters while performing incredible acrobatics is amazing. I believe this to be true with each of the Cirque De Soleil performances.   The aspect of the performance that I found most appealing was during the “Power Track Act.”   The artists were performing incredibly high flips off the trampoline as the opera singers sang the story line.   The fluid, unified movements of the actors at such an incredible pace was truly marvelous.   Additionally the use of wardrobe, makeup, and props added to the performance.   The aspects of the performance that I found less pleasing were during the “Russian Bear Act.” Although, the feats were amazing that this act lost some of the luster and excitement that the other acts possessed.  
The element that I was most aware of was the dynamics, or fluctuating degrees of dramatic intensity that continually captivated the audience’s attention.   The entire performance demanded the viewer’s attention in such a way that the viewer did not want to blink for fear of missing part of the story and incredible physical feats.  
The second element that I was most aware of is the aural elements as depicted in the sounds and music.   “The language of...

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