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Theatr Essay

  • Submitted by: veggiekiller1
  • on March 18, 2012
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e Questions

  1. What is literally happening in the scene?
      a. The family’s sitting together after the birthday having a very heated discussion about previous deaths in the family and how it relates to the Kennedy curse.
  2. What does the character need?
      b. Becca needs comfort and support. She also needs to learn how to grieve over deaths in her family.
  3. What was happening the moment of the scene?
      c. The moment of the scene the family was celebrating Izzy’s birthday.
  4. What does your character do to make another character feel?
      d. It was Izzys birthday and Howie, Becca, and Nat were having a very intense conversation, which left Izzy very upset because of the fact that no one was paying any attention to her. Izzy being upset just added more tension to the whole argument.
Theatre class taught me a lot of things I wasn’t aware of when it came to acting and theatre. Personally with acting ii really enjoyed the fact that actors can put on different voices, dress differently and going about things in many different ways as appose to what they would do in their everyday lives. Acting seemed as If it was all about choices and taking on characters and seeing what there all about and what kind of choices they would make.   I always assumed that theatre stage acting and acting television acting was like pretty much the same thing, I didn’t realize how different they were up until I took this class. I went and watched a few plays at the Hillbery and it actually took me by surprise. I think that stage acting is much more competitive, having a full audience and trying to get someone to fit their character seems so difficult. I think it’s much easier to be acting in front of a camera because with that the actors get to fix their mistakes as appose to stage acting you pretty much only get one shot and you either nail it or you don’t. I really enjoyed theatre class and I loved everything about it. The plays I went and seen...

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