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The Zoo Essay

  • Submitted by: Jaspreety
  • on August 29, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Drama: The Zoo
The Zookeeper: Dahlia
2 foreign tourists: Jaspreet - Jasmine and Youstina - Anastasia
The kiosk lady: Brooke
An animal liberationist: Sheridyn
The mysterious stranger: Christina
Beginning: People start walking tourists are walking around taking pictures’ exploring the zoo, the kiosk lady has just opened up shop while the zookeeper and scientist are feeding the animals checking their health.
Middle: Meanwhile a mysterious stranger walks up to the kiosk lady and buys an item while there is a distraction a meerkat has been murdered and everybody goes to see what is happening while the mysterious stranger has disappeared without paying. The stranger has gone over to the panda exhibit and while the zookeeper and scientist leave to the meerkat exhibit the stranger quickly stopped the gate before it closed and went into the exhibit and stole the new born baby panda Lulu. The zookeeper and scientist walk back to the panda exhibit and realise that the new born panda is gone they see a nearby tourist and ask her if she saw anything strange and she says she thought she saw a   zookeeper but the person wasn’t wearing a uniform. The zookeeper and the scientist thinks that is strange because the gate is under lock and key so nobody would be able to get in, they had some serious thinking to do so they called the police to work it out.
Ending: As soon as the police got there the zookeeper asks the tourist is she would stay back and answer some questions about the mysterious person so to further the investigation the police start interrogations. They ask people around the zoo if they’ve seen anything suspicious and then the will interrogate them. They find that the kiosk lady, 2 foreign tourists and the zookeeper & scientist have all seen something strange. They interviewed the kiosk first and she says she saw a stranger buy something but when the tourist shouted the meerkat was dead the stranger had disappeared without paying. Next they interviewed the...

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