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The Yearling Book Report

  • Submitted by: alexwebber14
  • on March 27, 2014
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In The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan   Rawlings, the author portrays the experiences of life in the back woods of Florida in the late 1800s.   Here, life is simple but survival is difficult.   The roaming wildlife and lush landscape provides many adventures for a young boy, such as Jody Baxter.   Along with the adventures, there are responsibilities.   The novel illustrates how Jody’s responsibilities helps him resolve his conflict between meeting his own need to raise the fawn, and meeting his family’s need for survival.

Raising his pet fawn contributed largely to Jody’s enjoyable childhood.   One of the many examples of how the pet fawn helped contribute to Jody’s childhood was how it helped give Jody lots of responsibilities.   Jody always wanted the responsibility, of a owning an animal, but Jody’s mom and dad refused the idea. Finally after lots of begging and pleading, Jody got the responsibility of raising a baby fawn.   Another example of how raising the fawn helped make Jody’s childhood exceptionally enjoyable, was how it always gave Jody something to do.   After a long day of chores and school, Jody would rush outdoors to play and train his pet fawn.   Jody really enjoyed his fawn, sometimes it was difficult with all the work the fawn required.   But at the end of a long day, the fawn always put a smile on Jody’s face.

Survival in the backwoods of Florida is difficult, and Jody must work with his parents for this purpose.   A few of the many examples that demonstrate this topic is how, Jody’s parents grew and hunted their food.   Jody would spend many long hours, working in the fields for his family. Another great example of how Jody shows us, how he contributed to his family, was when his dad got bitten by a rattle snake.   Jody had to take leadership as man of the house. He also had to take on all of his dad’s responsibilities.   This was a big change for Jody, but he knew that it was his job as man of the house to help his family, especially when his family...

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