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The Way Movie Report

  • Submitted by: mhunt9898
  • on March 25, 2014
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All four of the main characters had a reason to walk the Camino. But all four of the main characters also had true reason as to why they did it. These reasons were different, or an altered version, of what they told everyone, and even themselves. It seems to be that all but one of the characters resolved their personal demons, and found peace on the atlantic coast of Spain.
Tom was slightly bitter and aloof throughout a majority of the journey, rarely stating his reason for the walk. It seems evident that he walked the Camino for his son, and that is partly true. He walked the Camino in honer of his son, but also in an effort to understand who his son was. By understanding what it was that his son loved. By the end of the journey, Tom did come to terms with his sons death. He could finally see that although his son’s life had ben short, it had been full. Full of joy. Full of laughter. Full off true meaning.
Sarah states thats her reason for walking the Camino is to stop smoking. Though during the journey we learn that she choose to have an abortion earlier in her life. To her, the Camino was never about cigarettes. It was about finding inner peace, self forgiveness. Though it seems that she did not fully find peace at the end of the Camino. It was as if the Camino put her on a path towards inner peace.
Jack seemed as if he was lacking true meaning in his life. He was writing for a travel magazine, when what he dreamed of was writing a novel. He originally came on the Camino as a cure for his apparently severe writers block. He found the key to unlock his writers block in the form of Tom’s story, and meaning in the friendships he formed.
Joost gladly told anyone his reason for the Camino. It was to loose weight. But he never fully revealed the complete reason behind that goal. It was that his wife no longer found him attractive. Though Joost may have had the simpler of the four motives, his was the one that seemed unresolved. Although a large factor in...

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