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The Wall Report

  • Submitted by: griselfuller
  • on March 18, 2012
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The Wall Response Paper

      In the book The Wall Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain Peter Sis, the author, writes about his life as a child growing up in occupied Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, even though the war had ended, the Russians stilled occupied that country.   Through magnificent drawings, journal entries, maps and dreamscapes, Peter Sis shows the world through his eyes what it was like to live behind the iron curtain.   As a child that loved to draw, he believed whatever he was told to believe and drew about it.   As he became an adolescent, news started filtering in from the west and he started questioning about what he heard and about freedom.   In his adolescence, he then draws about freedom and possibilities of a better life.   He learns about poetry, rock and roll, blue jeans and Coca-Cola.   He lets his hair grow long and reads books that are banned.   He starts dreaming about what it would be to live in a place like that.   For a short period in 1968, censorship was lifted and he had a taste of freedom but it was short lived.   However, he knew in his heart of the new possibilities and that freedom was out there and used his drawings to express it.
    As I read this book, it made me realize the blessings that I have living in this country.   Looking at the pictures everything looked so sad, gloomy and even scary.   What impacted me the most was the willingness of an individual to fight for what they believe.   When God puts a dream or a vision in their heart, how a person can express that vision in different ways and never loose sight of that dream, even if others force you to, because it can remain in your mind and spirit.   It makes me think that our generation takes for granted the gift of freedom that we have in this country, since we have never had to go through what Peter Sis did.
    Some of the symbolism that one might recognize when reading this book are the color scheme.   Peter Sis used red to represent the color of communism, who...

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