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The Things They Carried Essay

  • Submitted by: holzernc
  • on June 24, 2014
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Nicole Holzer
May 6, 2013

The Things They Carried Essay

        If the United States instituted the draft and my number came up I would have a difficult time making the choice to serve or reject the order. I would choose to reject the draft because first off I can obviously die. I am a woman and men who are bigger and stronger could definitely take advantage of me. My mother was sent to a refugee camp at the age of 18 and she told me how the women would sleep with the soldiers to escape the camp and/or sometimes were completely violated and killed if they fought back. If I were being drafted I would have to be of age. Being a female, the age to be drafted would probably be older. I would most likely have a child by that time and I wouldn’t want to leave my child alone while there is an ongoing war. The child would undergo stress of having his/her mother fighting in a war. The thought of his/her own mother dying in combat, becoming a POW, is very agitating.
    If I rejected the order to serve I would risk imprisonment.   I would be paranoid if I left the country. I would bring my children with me if I fled. I wouldn’t want them to have to hide from their own country because of my choices.
  Overall, I think the choice of serving your country when being called to is a very difficult choice. It causes a lot of turmoil. You can either escape and be “free”, be with the ones you love and also be waiting for a death sentence if you ever visited your country again or you can serve you country in war and mostly die but, if you survived, have possible side effects such as, PTSD, physical trauma, etc. I believe that the ones that choose to serve our country whether they are being drafted or not is an act of bravery and courage. I think those who choose to flee are not necessarily scared but have most important duties to take care of, such as the ones they love.

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