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The Take over Essay

  • Submitted by: ta124161
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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The world we reside in today is ran by modern day technology of all sorts and its only getting worse. All over world, there are different types of technology such as cell phones, navigation devices, satellites, but the most influential of them all is television. The influences that television has on our public has both pros and cons that make a big different in everyday life. Many argue that television isn’t healthy but all in all, television is actually healthy it’s just how much time you spend being attached to it and what you choose to watch. The impact from television and movies today are more negatively asserted than positively acquired.
Some scientist have discovered that quote on quote “watching too much television is bad for you…” but how do we know when we’ve watched too much. They say that it’s not healthy because watching television causes bad sight but you can’t blame that all on watching television simply because we don’t know that person’s genetic back ground and I’m sure not everyone’s genetic make-up is the same. I evaluate television to be negative in today’s society because of all the unhealthy and obesity acts of without care to better themselves of their situation. The more and more television people watch, the more food and unhealthy snacking habits one picks up, people tend to stay up late just to watch certain shows that air causing you to miss out on sleep, and the influence level that these shows have in them causes bad impact on society if you look at it in depth.
Child influence from television relies on what the parent allows the child to watch. For newborn and toddlers it’s easy for things to get picked up from watching television. Strong languages from certain shows that not appropriate for kids is one negative influence. The nature of a favorite role in which one character in the show has can roll over on the kids because they don’t know any better, they only see the common message being provided from the negativity of these...

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