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The Sword In Japan Essay

  • Submitted by: jarrettorama
  • on March 19, 2012
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The Sword in Japan

In this paper I would like to examine the sword’s role in Japan. It can be used as

a tool to examine the ancient history of Japan up to the present as the sword has played a

very important role in Japan, especially since the Heian Period of Japanese history, while

the sword can be used to examine Japanese history and different ruling periods in Japan,

I would like to explore the history of the sword. The sword has played a very important

role in Japanese history, and I would like to examine the role that the sword played, from

its beginning role in Japanese society to the present, to lastly examine the current day role

In order to understand the role of the sword in Japanese history, we need to

understand more about the sword itself. The katana is a large curved sword. It is mostly

used for practice and dueling, however samurai used the sword alongside the wakizashi

in war. The wakizashi is a smaller sword, which was also used in combat as part of a pair

sword carried by the samurai class (we shall talk in more depth about the samurai later).

As a shorter sword the wakizashi was used for close combat, while the katana was used

for man-to-man combat in ancient battle. As a set, the katana and the wakizashi were

called the daish. The word daish means both “big” and “small” and refers to traditional

We now can address the sword as an ancient weapon of the samurai, but now it is

important to understand more of the history of the swords, their creation. The creation of

the katana is a labor-intensive construction. The art of sword making is called

bladesmithing, and the art was developed in Japan. The creation of a sword was supposed

to have taken hours or days (perhaps more likely the latter) and the craft required the

work of several swordsmakers, or bladesmiths. There could be over four different artists

working on a single katana. One would forge the rough shape of the blade, the...

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