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The Stresses of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: Pamella123
  • on August 30, 2013
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The stresses of life
Whoever said life was going to be easy, the sooner everyone learns that the better off they will be. Life in itself is very stressful, but when you throw in being a wife, mother, student and employee it’s almost too much to bear. Now, where should I begin? I’m a wife with four kids and therefore I must make sure my family has clean work/school clothes and food for work. Every day I first wake up to cook breakfast for my husband and children. Then I must prepare my kids for school in the morning. I also drop them off and pick them up once school is over. While they are at school I try to get done as much as I can. I do things like clean the house and clean up after my pets and everyone else that lives in my household. We all know how men don’t like to do their own laundry or cook. At least my husband doesn’t like to.   Don’t get me started on trying to keep my house clean with him and my animals, it’s like a tornado hits this place just about every other day. Dirty dishes, clothes, cat toys, food, cat litter anything you can just about think of. I also feed and clean up after the animals; I have five cats inside, two chameleons, and a cat outside. I must wake up every morning at 6 AM to feed them. I’m their mother now so they all depend on me. Once I have taken care of all of my daily duties at home, I must take the time that I left to run errands in the streets. I do things like pay bills and go to any appointments that I may have at the time. I also take the time to go out and buy groceries and anything else that is needed in the house. I must return from running any errands that I have quickly in order to start cooking dinner for my family. Cooking happens to be one of the things that I love most doing throughout my day. I love knowing that my family is healthy and I believe they must start the day off on a nice full stomach.   If all that is not enough I must also work for a living. I clean a local movie theater in my town.   I work 3 days...

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