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The Sound of Thunder & Nethergrave Critical Essay

  • Submitted by: ace6422
  • on March 26, 2014
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Bradbury’s “The Sound of Thunder” and Skurzynski’s “Nethergrave” are both rather interesting science fiction narrations. Both stories pertain to an adventure through an unknown world as the setting, and refer to the way that technology can change the world and individuals by extension. Both stories contain some of the same elements as each other, but are represented in different ways.
To start, both of the main characters (Eckels is to “Sound of Thunder” as Jeremy is to “Nethergrave”) seem to be misfits in their own ways. In “Nethergrave,” the story starts out with Jeremy at school, and he makes a winning goal in soccer for the other team. He recalls his bad experiences in school and his being bullied, and by then you know he’s a misfit. As for in “Sound of Thunder,” Eckels is revealed to be a misfit from the rest of the extreme hunters when he meets the Tyrannosaurus Rex and turns out to be so utterly terrified that he strays off the path in numbed fear. These simple two events help reveal the feelings and characteristics of each character for use in the rest of the story.
As you get deeper into the story, the books do a good job of making a premonition of future events. In “Nethergrave,” Jeremy’s online friends leave in a sort of awkward way, leaving Jeremy with a bad feeling of their permanent departure. Considering the feeling Jeremy gets when Nethergrave appears, I believe the author was trying to contrast a lonely, sad feeling to a euphoric, exited feeling. If this is the case, then the author succeeded. In “Sound of Thunder,” Eckels talks with fellow hunters about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, every one of whom spoke of its fear-inducing nature and strength. There is a side conversation as well, of what could happen if even a tiny thing were disturbed in the past to the future. When there’s a lengthy conversation like that in a book it can usually be inferred that whatever it is that mustn’t happen, happens, thus building the plot. It’s in these parts of each...

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