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The Soft Voice of the Serpent Essay

  • Submitted by: dontgiveashit
  • on August 30, 2013
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The Soft Voice Of The Serpent
New Interpretation

“Wake up! Please John wake up! “ Delphi cried. A vague remembrance of screams and fire blurred my head as I regained consciousness . “ This whole place is coming down, we’ve got to move” said Delphi hastly. I took note of the revolver that was hanging around my waist as we started to move around burning piles of rubble. “Who did this ?” I asked. “You did ” said Delphi as we stumbled to the far most right corner of the building. “Why? I couldn’t have !“ I said. “ I was at the wedding just now when everything turned dark. “
My mind turned dark.
Agonizing pain and despair filled my head as I was slowly starting to realise what was happening. Piles of pale faces, spread out across the floor, were staring right at me.   I fell down upon my knees, unable to move any further. The voices in my head kept screaming at me, denying every move I made towards the door, begging me to stay. An uncontrollable emotion…   I looked upon Delphi who was now starting to sob and yell. “John this is not you, please try to think! “cried Delphi my newly wed wife.
The soft voice of the Serpent inside me was now controlling my actions as my hand slowy began to move towards my hip, removing the revolver from its pouch. Delphi just stood there, to terrified to move. “Please John it’s me, Delphi, your wife” she cried with unimaginable desperation. I tried to think. It was too late. I felt the kick from the shot, the heat on my face and the pressure that caused me to collapse.
My face set to fire as I lay laughing in despair. Laughing away my last breath in this cruel and evil world. That same laughter once resembled a good man, mentally ill and unfortunate enough to have started to believe.

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