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The Significance of the Battle of Midway. Essay

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  • on August 28, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Significance of the Battle of Midway." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The significance of trying to capture Midway was so that the Japanese could get an upper hand and conquer the United States. This extended response will clearly explain ways, in which Japan tried to capture Midway and eliminate the United States.

From the 4-8 of May 1942, there was a major naval battle (The Battle of the Coral sea) between Japan, and the U.S (Australia were supporting the U.S) the battle took place in the Coral Sea, the tip of New Guinea and the north-eastern coast of Australia. It was an attempt to get Japan more power in the pacific for their empire. Japanese forces then decided to invade Port Moresby in New Guinea. Many lives were lost, The U.S losses one carrier destroyed, one damaged, one oiler and one destroyer sunk, 66 aircraft lost and 543 men were killed or wounded.
The Japanese lost, one small carrier destroyed, one carrier severely damaged, one destroyer and three small naval ships sunk, 77 carrier aircraft lost and 1074 men killed or wounded. Not long after that, just 5 months before the battle of Midway there was the battle at Pearl harbour, one month after the battle of the Coral Sea. As a result, Japan’s plan to attack Midway was brought into the picture, so that they could get a upper hand and demolish the U.S.

The U.S was brought into the Battle of Midway as, they were Japan’s goal. Japan wanted to take Midway away from the U.S and use it for them to further extend their control of the pacific. But that failed horribly as the Japanese lost, as Midway destroyed Japan’s naval force, a loss that the Japanese never recovered from.

The outcome of the events left many wounded, as many lost lives, and their loved ones. Not only did the U.S suffer, but so did everyone that got involved. Australia lost may people during the battle of the Coral Sea. The places that the Japanese captured, many people would have lost their lives during that process. The Japanese were wounded too, as they lost heaps of lives. People lost their...

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