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The Siege of Krishnapur Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "The Siege of Krishnapur" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Like real people, fictional characters have beliefs and values that influence what they say and do. Referring to the novel you have studied, discuss the importance of beliefs and/or values in each work.

Beliefs are very important for society because they are part of their identity, like real people, fictional characters have beliefs that are important   for what they say and do this can be seen in the novel the “The Siege of krishnapur”by   L,G Farrell in which the author uses the characters beliefs as a social criticism towards the attitudes of British colonial society in India, beliefs of British like male chauvinism are criticize by the author   by the use of specific verbs that he use to reach his main purpose, other aspect is   the belief of superiority of the British toward the Indians   through the use of a discriminatory tone. Finally the belief of   invincibility of the British military   achieved by the use of hyperbole. We can see that all of this beliefs are important for showing the identity of British colonial society in India and help the author criticize the arrogant attitude and the beliefs of British in that time.    

Beginning with the belief of male chauvinism we can see that British men have the belief   that men are more important and intelligent than women, we can see this by the use of specific verbs used by the author when   the narrator says " his wife imported from England" the specific verb used is " imported" the author uses   this specific verb to show that it   is a male chauvinistic society, because when we refer to the verb imported we supposed that it is a product or service that is brought into one country from another like when one country imports objects, clothes, toys,   food, etc. the thing is   the narrator is referring not to an object but to a Human being, in this case a woman that feels, think and might be more intelligent than a man, what differentiates humans with object is that firstly they are a life and they...

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