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The Secret Love Essay

  • Submitted by: Xailee1
  • on February 27, 2014
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Wichai Lee
Prof. Leah Rawlins
English Literature
February 23, 2014
The Secret Love
In the poems, “The Sick Rose” by William Blake and “You fit into me” by Margaret Atwood, many metaphors are used to describe the grieved and painful relationship of vexed love between two persons and a mysterious person.   Within these two poetries, Atwood and Blake will   take us on a journey by using figurative language to show that human life is complicated and can never be described in words.   Throughout the journey Atwood and Blake describe their different perspective within their poem as bringing very strong messages to the readers and let them fill in the blanks based on their personal experiences.   When I start reading, they make me realize how figurative language can interpret into many meanings with only two short poems.   I’ve learned that poem is one the most powerful tools to convey secret messages in our society today.
My first impression when I start reading Blake’s poem, I believe that he tries to fill me in with his imagery and allows me to visualize the pictures in my head.   As I try to define the meaning of the poem, I realize that Blake describes his poem in a hostile mood and uses many destructive symbolisms for instance, worm, howling storm, dark secret love, and destroy.   As I start reading the poem makes me think of what is rose represents and how does it gets sick.  By the end I realize that something bad has happened to rose.   Many questions come along the way when Blake opens the poem by saying, “O Rose thou art sick” (1).   Firstly, O Rose could be anything, however, I feel as if the author has a gothic style of writing and constructive vision.   When I think deeply into the poem Rose could also be a woman due to the fact that the R in rose is capitalized. By analyzing Rose, I have concluded that a rose is something that should be admired because it naturally beautiful and represents something innocent and dainty.   Art in this case also can interpret as...

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