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The Sat Essay

  • Submitted by: omegadelta4
  • on March 27, 2014
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Key Points:
1. Create your own template – aka “Universal Template.”5 b+ z, t; w8 z  X. a! f2 X
2. Research your 25 default examples.
3. Learn to write a strong thesis sentence: 3 I2 s$ r0 o5 s; r:
4. Work on transitions.  {' u* m6 J6 h( s1 }+ K4 x
5. Create an interesting introduction and a strong conclusion.2 j# h% _! ?1 O; Z
Having taught classes on how to take the SAT for more than 10 years now, I find the SAT essay section to be the easiest and most predictable section of the test. The cool thing about this section is that the College Board can only test you on a limited range of prompts and your response(s) can be customized, prepared, practiced, and mastered. I am not talking about cheating on the SAT, but being prepared for all possible scenarios, to the point that nothing can surprise you. " e9 d3
Many academies and private tutors claim that you cannot prepare a specific essay on a particular topic in advance, but I disagree. This section of the SAT can indeed be predicted, prepared, and mastered before you even step into the test site. 5 ^* k$ @3 |9 J' v% B& X  }+ w
The SAT Essay: The 80:20 Rule 3 {+ j% B+ h" U6 M1 R! H
Let’s take a scientific approach to the SAT essay. Unlike the math section of the SAT, the verbal section is feared by many students because of the abundance of advanced vocabulary, grammar rules, unpredictable reading genres, and essay prompts.) ?) e: P- D6 ~$ z5 k
Students frequently ask: : L! n7 u: T" G6 W- y* `: @7 F
1. How many SAT words should I memorize? 
2. Which books should I read to prepare for the critical reading section?. `0 m' u( _2 _& M
3. How about dictions and idioms? How many are there?
4. Can I predict possible essay prompts?# j0 v4 _) f+ P2 t* I$ b6 l, V; E
5. Can I guarantee at least a double-digit score on my essay?  D% D/ K) l0 J2 P/ q  g; Z
My responses are:
1. 3,000-5,000, depending on your previous exposure to the SAT$ M3 a3 d) ^( `0 L: l$ T
2. Combination of novels, magazines, journals, and...

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