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The Rise of the Mutapa Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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The rise and the decline of Mutapa Empire was due to many factors, but one cannot say something about Mutapa and leave the name Great Zimbabwe. Oral tradition, written records and archeologist, turn to match the rise of the Mutapa Empire with the decline of the Great Zimbabwe. Mutapa Kingdom soon after laying its foundations enjoyed a number of advantages which led to its magnificent growth.
Philosophy: Wisc.edu, defined state as a form of political or polity that is distinguished by the fact that is not itself incorporated into other political associations, though it may incorporate other associations. The state is thus a supreme corporate entity because it is not incorporated into any other entity, even powers such as other state. However state can be defined as a country with its own political government.
Around the fifteenth century the state was being called by various names Munhumutapa, Mono Mutapa, Mwene Mutapa but they generally accepted the name Mutapa State. The origins of this state remained unclear but it is assumed that Mutapa came into life after the fall of Great Zimbabwe. Some of the Historians argued that the state existed before the fall of Great Zimbabwe. The founder of the state assumed to be Nyatsimba Mutota. According to Mudenge (2011) the foundation of the Mutapa Empire was a much slower process infiltration of the Shangwe, Dande, Chididima regions by small groups of Karanga groups of hunters/refugees/adventures from the south.
Nyatsimba Mutota and his people are believed to have migrated from Great Zimbabwe. Other historians said that Mutota and his people migrated after being defeated in a succession dispute. It was suggested that Mutota and his people migrated after there was a shortage of salt at Great Zimbabwe. According to Mudenge (2011) Mutota became interested in Moslem traders coming from the newly established Sultanate of Angoche who were using the Zambezi trade route. The traders used to trade for ivory and gold. It is said...

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