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The Right Stuff Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Right Stuff" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Right Stuff. Being in business is at the very least a daunting and adventurous endeavor. Every waking day is a race towards a goal or objective against a playing field often filled to the brim with competitors. Arriving at the arena mentally prepared is not only smart but in today’s market essential. I heard a quote once by a master in his field, who by the way is also an extremely success business owner. “It is what I learned after I thought I knew everything, that’s what really made my success.” The point is that a business owner needs to garner and forge a continuum of learning and development not only for his or herself, but also for the people that are employed or work around them. Besides tending to one’s physical health, I would encourage the reader to seek out training and education that supports personal growth, emotional balance and certainly mental acuity.

You should come to the playing field fully prepared to outsmart your competition as opposed to consuming valuable resources in order to posture your business in an economic slugfest. One book that illustrates this point extremely well, often labeled as a cornerstone of reference for personal success and without argument one of the most widely circulated book of the 20th century, is “Think & Grow Rich” (21st Century Edition) by Napoleon Hill (also available as an audiobook). This book offers a wealth of resources, insight and skill building exercises that prepares an entrepreneur to think his or her way out of the battle and down the road towards freedom and success. Another coveted resource is “The Winner’s Brain” by Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Mark Fenske. This ground breaking book provides insight into leveraging the mind’s resources in short order to bring about the most elevated advantage possible.

Seek out knowledge and success will more than likely be its close partner. In other words invest in your personal success and growth and your business success will surely follow. Find written...

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