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The Real Satanism Essay

  • Submitted by: BurzumC6
  • on February 26, 2014
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The Real Satanism
    In the 1960’s the Church of Satan was founded, and the Satanic Bible was written by Anton Szandor LaVey. The idea for the church came to LaVey while he was working at a carnival. The carnival he was working at contained a brothel. Every Saturday LaVey would see men wonder into the brothel drunk, and stay all night. The following Sunday he would see the very same men in church with their families begging a “higher power” for forgiveness for their sins. After seeing this for so long, LaVey began to question this “higher power.” He began to wonder why we must ask for forgiveness from a supernatural being. Why do we need forgiveness for something we knowingly intended to do? LaVey asked many questions like this that led to the founding of Satanism.
    Anton LaVey believed that the idea of worshiping a “higher power” was absurd. He believed that you were the highest power of yourself; you are your own god. In Satanism, being your own god means you are in control of yourself, and have the power to forgive yourself instead of seeking forgiveness from a god you can only hope exists. Anton’s belief that you are your own god gives you a vast amount of power that you would not otherwise have abiding by the teachings in the Bible, and many other religious books. Although, this power does expand your religious ability, it does not mean, you now have the power to do whatever you please. The religion of Satanism still follows the rules of society, it does not submit to the stereotypical beliefs that Satanism equals criminal acts, cults, etc. Also, opposed to the Christian and Catholic teaching is the idea of destiny. In Satanism, as your own god you do not have a preset destiny as you do in Christian belief. As your own god, you are able to create your own destiny through the choices you make.
    Being your own god does not mean that you are a god in the same sense as the Christian/Catholic God. You do not have any control or power over others,...

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