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The Pros and Cons of Peer Pressure Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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The Pros and Cons of Peer Pressure


Children’s friendship and social skills

Peer pressure—positive and negative influences

Difficulty of saying “no”

How parents can help

Necessary People Skills
Some children come more naturally to these “people skills.” Some children learn through trial and error.   Some children require direct instruction in order to help them learn the skills.

  1. FEEL ACCEPTED – the need to belong is a basic human desire.

  2. SET AND RESPECT BOUNDARIES – personal (body) boundaries and boundaries for possessions, space, feelings and thoughts.

  3. DEAL WITH FEELINGS – understand their own feelings and develop constructive ways of dealing with them; other people have feelings too.

  4. SOLVE PROBLEMS – positive ways to get what they want without negative effects to others.   Learning how to compromise.

Social Skills at Different Ages

Some children find it easy to make friends and get along with others, while other children may find it difficult.   Each child’s individual temperament and stage of development will affect their social skills.

6-7 year-olds
  * Friends become increasingly important
  * May be sensitive to what others say and do
  * Begin to learn how to stop boisterous play before someone gets hurt

8-9 year-olds
  * Tend to have same sex friends and exclude the opposite sex in games and activities
  * May be critical of themselves and others. May gossip about others
  * Begin to show consideration, sense of fairness
  * Like to form and join clubs
  * May become concerned abut clothing and appearance

10-12 year-olds
  * Friends may be both boys and girls
  * Tend to form cliques
  * Girls friendships are more intense—may have “falling-outs”  
  * May seem to value peers more than family
  * By 12, may show interest in opposite sex

Dealing with Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure?
Influence of people one’s own age, your peers.   Influence of...

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