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The Problems of Language Loss Essay

  • Submitted by: Derya2
  • on March 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "The Problems of Language Loss" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The problems of language loss
We have lots of problem of losing. We have lost our times, cultures, chacters and unfortunately our languages. The language is the most important thing to communicate with others but lose’s reasons are important, as well. The problem of language loss have three main reasons.
The first reason of language loss is wrong grammar structure. English grammar is composed of the varying usage of verb tenses, punctuation and syntax. People depend on the proper usage in order to convey the finer details of a message. If you misuse your verb tense, someone may be likely to think you are sick today rather than you were sick yesterday. Likewise, the wrong punctuation could separate the wrong verb from its subject, which can change the entire meaning of a sentence.
The second reason is overuse of prepositions. Generally all of the students which learn English as a foreign language put a number of prepositions even irrelevant places. . People think they can put prepositions wherever they want as they do in speaking. But of course, the case is not like this. If we want to pay attention to using well our language, we must be careful about not to overuse prepositions.
The third and the last reason is using wrong vocabulary. Today, people try to seem more clever with using academic words. They can sometimes make up new words but wrong words. This is more common today than the past and sometimes words can die because of not using. We must careful about not to making up wrong words and also not losing words which we have.
Now, to sum up, if we want to speak the same language with our children, we start to protect our language before it is late..

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