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The Portrait of a Lady Essay

  • Submitted by: vsalisha
  • on June 26, 2014
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portrait of a lady by kushwant singh talk about his life with his grand mother ... of the memories that he had with her as a child and after he graduated .. i think that the title is appropriate as the story focuses on the grand mother .. and her stages of life .. even though the writter says that she had not aged ever since he had seen her as a child till the day she died... in the story the writter does not give importance to her physical appearance but of her nature and how it changes with time .. he remebers his child hood when she used to chant hopping that he would learn .. and dressing him up and ensuring that he had taken the necessary equipment with him to the temple where the preist taught him .. she even made sure to take some chappatis for the stray dogs on the road .. later on when they moved to the city a change in her nature is shown when she gets really upset that there is no importance given to god and that she was not able to help otu her grand son with his school work as she had no knowledge of the english language .. she spent most of her time with her spinning wheel and did not spend time speaking to anybody .. she kept murmuring her preyers and took a break only for a half hour everyday to feel the birds .. when the writter leaves to persue hs furthur studies the grand mother does feel very sad but does not experss her emotions but in turn kisses her grand son good bye and hopes to see him again on the same platform .. when the writter returns his grand other stops her preyer and gathers all the woman in the neighbourhood and starts to sing about battles fought in the past and about the warriors .. with an old drum .. even though the family tells her to stop she chooses to go on and in turn tires herself out .. the next day she is bed ridden with fatigue and says good bye to all ..the title is apt as it talks about the stages of the grand mother and hence is calld the portrait of a lady

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