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The Polluter's Dilemma Essay

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Project 1
Business Ethics Case Studies:
The Polluter's Dilemma
Westwood College
Gwen Jones
Busn 300
Ms. Harrison
Monday, December 09, 2013

In the business ethics case study the polluter’s dilemma, the organizational groups that are involved with this case would be, Office of Wastewater Management (OWM), then she should get in contract with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to find out more ways to help her company save the lake and it inhabitants from the factory runoff.
The ethical issue for this case is how to save the lake and it inhabitants from the factory runoff, also how to save the company money while inputting the new technology to save the environment.
There was not any legal pressure to put the new technology in place other than there was a report from the university scientist stating, if emission levels stayed at this level, the fish in the lakes and rivers in the area might soon be declared unsafe for human consumption.
The societal pressure Jonica Gunson had to face was this, according to Business Ethics Case Studies, The Polluter's Dilemma,” if the companies in the region don't engage in some self-regulation on this issue, there is reason to fear that the government may force companies to begin using the new technology, and may also begin requiring monthly emission level reports. These tests would be both expensive and time consuming”, (MacDonald, n.d.).
By going to the web site of the EPA under the Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) she would be able to find outside funding to help fund the new technology needed to upgrade the company and to stop the pollution that is running into the lake behind the factory.   Also inform her companies heads of what could happen if these things are not meet in before the government becomes involved with the problem of the runoff we have.
According to the EPA, under Hazardous wastes.” EPA enforces requirements under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act regarding...

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