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The Outcome Essay

  • Submitted by: slrdr74
  • on September 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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In my opinion, people mostly believe that others will notice and respect you by the way you look from the outside. That the outline you put on to shine, the possible act you show the world is the key to success. But it is a proven fact that this statement will never come to reality. Life is all about challenges and when we fall down, we stand up again trying to learn from our mistakes. And I do believe we all need guidance and a little criticism.
          “Don’t only think of yourself. Even at the hardest times in your life, remember you have the most loving and cherishing family, trustworthy and true friends, a home to live, a school to attend to, a clothing you could possibly wear whenever you want and food to make you full for the day. And some children at your age don’t have any of this. They are usually looking for adults to take care of them or a shelter to spend the night as they strive to move on with their lives, hoping for a better day” my grandmother told me when I had done something careless. I was hot-headed and sensitive at that time. But to think of the words again it made me understand that not everything is about me. You can be wrong but there is always a chance to learn your mistakes. The world we live in is known to be a society that feeds on every single person’s perspective. I now understand that being all by yourself and wanting control over others does not make you better. It worsens you in a way that you will later realize, that it crushed you piece by piece. Being worshipped because you have a better name than everyone else is not everything. She also told me in I should try to imagine what others would feel. Not everyone is perfect, but they try to accomplish the closest to perfect. Try to want what is best for everyone. Because every thought echoes, every voice counts.
          “ Have you ever wondered when you grow old and leave this world, what would you be leaving out? What value are you showing others? You could be anyone but...

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