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The Nature of War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945 Essay

  • Submitted by: chelseaertel
  • on March 26, 2014
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The Nature of War on the Eastern Front 1941-1945
It is undisputable that the Second World War hosted some of the most catastrophic and disastrous theatres of war during its six years, however few come close to the brutality and scale of war that occurred on the Eastern front from 1941 to the conclusion of the war. Due to the geographical location of the start of the war it is only reasonable that the eastern front received the greatest morality rate between the German and Red Army and the surrounding countries such as Romania. Throughout these years the barbarity of the actions of both the German and Red Army has been studied relentlessly as well as the toll taken on the these armies during the last years of the war. The Eastern Front is set apart from the rest of the Second World War for a variety of reasons, mainly due to the actions of the German army, specifically the Wehrmact, and its role in the millions of deaths of civilians and soldiers alike, and the Germans lack of remorse. However many other factors come into play on this front, such as the extreme barbarism committed by the German soldiers against innocent civilians, the growing role of women in the military of the Red Army, and the over and underestimating of the opposing army’s all display unique aspects specific to the eastern front during the Second World War. The scale of combat can be seen in the toll the eastern front took on the Romanian army, losing more dead, wounded and missing soldiers while in the Allied ranks than Britain had during a larger period of time in north western Europe from June 1944-May 1945. The scale and brutality committed by both the Allied and Axis powers exhibits an exceptional demonstration of the total destruction of the Second World War. The actions of the women in the Red Army prove to be a force often forgotten about in history despite the large roll they played in the military, the same way in which German views and actions in the Eastern front often have not been...

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