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The Movie "Up" Essay

  • Submitted by: officiallypink
  • on September 3, 2013
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In the movie “Up”, a young boy by the name of Carl meets a girl named Ellie in an abandoned house that she uses as her playhouse. The two children shared similar interests and end up being best friends and end up getting married. Ellie had a dream of living in South America and living near a waterfall on top of a mountain. Carl promises to Ellie that her dream will come true. Unfortunately, Ellie dies of old age before the promise could be fulfilled. Carl is strongly encouraged to move into a retirement home after the death of his wife. Carl meets an eight year old boy named Russell who is in boy scouts working on his last badge. One day, Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house to save it from being destroyed by the city and being put into a retirement home and flies away. Russell was found on the front porch as the house was flying away. Carl and Russell become very close towards the end of this adventure. Russell helps Carl find the area in South America that Ellie once dreamed of living.
When Carl first met Russell, he found him to be very annoying and did not want to be bothered by anyone since his wife Ellie passed away. Carl began to adjust to Russell during the flight to South America when Carl realizes he is simply stuck with Russell. As Carl begins to get to know Russell more and more, he sees himself being Russell and can relate more to when he was eight years old. Carl seemed to end up being a grandfather like figure to Russell. Towards the end of the movie, Russell receives the badge he had been wishing for and Carl is the one to pin it on Russell in place of his father.
Throughout the movie, Carl went through different stages of physical changes. Carl started out being a young, eight year old boy who was shy and did not say much of anything to anyone. He met Ellie during this stage which was the complete opposite of him. Ellie got Carl out of his shell and he was more open to things as he became older. When Ellie passed away, Carl was becoming...

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