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The Moment Has Come Essay

  • Submitted by: zahraalhilli
  • on August 28, 2013
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The Moment Has Come

A young boy named John lived in Paris, France. He moved out of Paris and was planning to go to London, UK to finish his studies. Ben is very intelligent, he will always get straight A’s in each class he goes to, and he will always compete in every competition that he hears about. Even though he is very bright, he still can’t fit in with others. He was always left out in his life, first his family left him then when he tries to fit in at school people would think he is a loser, a nerd or just a total freak. Ben always says to himself “I and me” because he will never find a person who will think he is a human being, who has feelings too. When john booked his flight to London who was so thrilled to move out and have a new life. He was ready for anything just like a 1, 2 punch.
Time has arrived to get on that plane. It was a crazy Saturday morning on the 27 of June 2010 at 9:30 am. He was eager to meet someone in London or even on the same plane! When the plane started moving, Ben imagined how his life will be in London, he imagined meeting a mate and having so much in common. So while the plane was up and away, Ben looks to his right and sees a girl sitting next to him. He was panicky to say something, then the girl realises he is staring at her so she greets to him and he mumbled out hello and she started laughing. Ben thought that she already hates him but then she says “oh my, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings because I laughed?” “Ah no that’s okay, I guess?!” Ben says.   They continue talk about each other.

Ben was so carried away talking he forgot to introduce himself; he was very keen to ask what her name was. “So, I’m Ben Jackson, what’s your name?” Ben asks. “My name is Victoria Peronni, nice to meet you Ben.” She says. “So what brings you on this plane?” Victoria asks. “Oh, well I’m on this plane to go to London and study, what about you?” “Same here, I’m here because I need to finish my studies.” She says. When Ben heard that he...

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