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The Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness of Suffolk Construction Essay

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The leadership style and leadership effectiveness of Suffolk Construction.
Suffolk Construction currently does about $1.7 billion dollars worth of construction annually. They have expierenced tremendous growth since their founding in 1982. As the construction industry weathers the difficulties of the economic recession, leadership values and principles of   companies such as Suffolk are put to the test. During stressful times, companies are more likely to deviate from the core values and principles. However, Suffolk construction has managed to “Shift focus and prepare for future growth” in these troubled times. Mr. Rex Kirby, president and general manager of Suffolk Construction’s southeastern region, explains how the company has changed it’s strategy.
Suffolk construction uses the “Suffolk Pyramid” to organize the company’s strategies, vision and values. According to this pyramid, the company’s strategy is to “Train and Develop Our People, Earn Intense Customer Loyalty, and Diversify Our Work.” The company’s vision is “Building Relationships By Exceeding Expectations.” Furthermore, the company’s values are stated: Passion, Integrity, hard work, and professionalism. (Kirby Powerpoint). According to Kouzes and Ponser’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, with the “Suffolk Pyramid” Suffolk construction has used   the “Model the Way” approach. In this approach, leaders must establish principles regarding the way people in the company and customers should be treated and the way goals should be pursued. The “Suffolk Pyramid” effectively establishes standards of excellence for the company and others to follow (The Leadership Challenge).
Mr. Kirby described some of the difficult problems construction companies face today with the sluggish economy. He outlined a plan Suffolk Construction had for the future to ensure the survival of the company. This preparation for the future is essential because of the drastic downturn in the residential construction market over...

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