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(the Important of Reflection in Education) Essay

  • Submitted by: ameerayousef
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "(the Important of Reflection in Education)" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What I learned that reflection is a significant matter in teaching, for both teachers and students because it leads us to understand our strengths and weaknesses that can guide us to identify areas that need improvement.   Also, it has positive result on teachers which plays an important role in building teaching career, through changing teachers’ method in classroom from distributing knowledge to focus on learning.

Moreover, I learned that teaching students how to reflect on their mistakes by finding out what went wrong, that can prevent them from making it again in the future. Even if they face any perplexing problem, they will be able to choose appropriate ways to solve it.   As a result, reflection will improve students’ academic skills to understand that mistakes are parts of the learning process.

What interests me more is the writer method in writing the article, where he gave examples especially at the beginning of the article to illustrate his point of view.   He gave several examples, including "If I touch a hot stove and burn my hand, I immediately learn that touching a hot stove results in a burned hand".   In this way he   wanted to clarify his idea when he mentions the example; this example is a small reflection to the situations that can occur in real life when our brain make the links immediately which conceder the hot stove and that’s means danger so we don’t burn our hand next time.

In this matter   our brain create links   immediately in such a situations that we face, he explained it in a logical manner that apply in our students these days when they hate the subjects or teachers, and that refer to making connections   in their brain about difficulty of subject equal to the failure in tests.   For example if student hates Math, in his/her brain will make connection immediately, Math = Fail.   All of this gets back to not having reflection in their works which led to not learn from their mistakes.  

This article also helped me to understand the...

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