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The Importance Of Astronomy Field Essay

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Astronomy is actually made up of a lot of things. Anything that is in space and can be studied is a part of astronomy. Refer to the dictionary of contemporary English; the definition of astronomy is the scientific study of celestial objects and phenomena that originate outside the earth’s atmosphere. It is also like every other science, begins with curiosity about the world around us and gives benefits to us to survive. The benefits of astronomy to the mankind may include creating annual calendar, determining position of places and direction to places, and determining ‘falak syarie’.
Annual calendar can be created by exploring astronomy. It is formed by observing lunar cycle phases. Annual calendar is the feature that refers to a mechanical watch that shows the day, date month and 24 hours which are automatically corrected every month. Lunar phase depends on the moon’s position in it orbit around the earth and using to determine dates. According to a book of New Astronomer, “The moon circles the earth every 29.5 days and this cycle forms the basis of most early calendar and leads to the 12-month year” (Stott,1999). Besides that, annual calendar also can be produced by observing the motion of the earth in solar time. The earth motion is that the sun rotates on its axis as it orbits the sun. One complete cycle of earth around sun shows that there are 365 days in one year. Moreover, in ancient time annual calendar can be formed by studying the mitoses of zodiac. This is done by referring to the arrangement of stars in specific shapes such as Aries representing fishes, Leo representing lion and Scorpio represented by a scorpion, which is the sun takes when crossing the sky. Many years ago, people believed that the sun travelled through twelve constellations, for example Aries, Taurus, Gemini and others. Every sign of zodiac occurs in different dates. According to Smith, most solar calendars are divided into months, these are sometimes related to the movement of the...

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