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The Implications And Effects Of The Haze Essay

  • Submitted by: voltcoxnet
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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  The eart is a bless which gives by the god for the living organisms. But nowdays the earth is suffering from many type of problem examples haze, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution. Among this on of the problem which growing too fast is haze. Haze is a pollution which brings many effects for the living organisms.

  There is many reasons why haze is happening, on of it is slash and burn method of farming in neighbouring countries. When they conducting this method the air out from the farming arena will combine with the nalural air and it spread to country by country. Other than that, open burning also the main source of haze. Open burning of rubbish are mostly by the Malaysians. To make their work easier they are burning the rubbish on open air. In addition the gas come out from chemical factories or industrial area also the main source of haze.

  The haze also can bring many effects for humans health. It will increase the respiratory   problems such as lung infections and asthma attacks. The government should take some immediate action to to prevent from happening haze. The government should cooperating with neighbouring countries authorities to reduce usingslash and burn method on farming . They also should raise the public awareness of the danger of forest fires. However government also can provide assistance to farmers and introduce better forest clearing methods.

  In conclusion, the government should suggest strict laws, paralyze those who practice open burning. They also need intensified campaign on the dangers of open burning. This problem must be solved by the government as soon as possible before it grow and become a big problem.

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