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The Hunger Games vs the Lottery Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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The Hunger Games vs. The Lottery:

The Lottery and The Hunger Games are as different as they are similar. One similarity is both hold an annual event where a card is drawn. The people who are chosen in both stories are supposed to participate in an event with violence.

In the Hunger Games this event is called The Reaping and two names are pulled out on cards with a strip of black tape, a boy and a girl, known as Tributes. The tributes are then trained to participate in the Annual Hunger Games where all the tributes from the districts are put into an arena and are to fight to the death. The last tribute standing is the winner of the Hunger Games. In the Lottery the event is known as The Lottery. The     town gathers and cards are selected out of a black box and distributed to the male members of the family. One of those cards has a black dot on it. All the family members open their cards at the same time and the family that receives the card with the black dot has to pick someone in their family. The town proceeds to stone the person to death.

The other similarities in both The Lottery and The Hunger Games are that both have people who do not have to participate. In the Hunger Games the people of the capital that do not have to participate in the hunger games are known as Sponsors. In the Lottery the mayor who is in charge of the box and the cards, does not have to participate because he is the keeper of the box.

The events that are portrayed in both the Lottery and The Hunger Games have a lot to do with luck as well. In the Hunger Games there's more chances of your name being picked if you are poor because for every ration you take from the capital the more your name goes into the jar. Luck is involved because no matter how many times your name goes in; your odds could just as easily be with you than against you. Luck was on Gale's side.

I personally feel that The Hunger Games and the Lottery are very different aside from the few similarities that I...

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