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The House Show Adventure Essay

  • Submitted by: ZeroAE
  • on March 18, 2012
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In early July of 2010, I decided to host a pop-punk house show. I called some colleges of mine that were in big local bands or had contact with them. After a week passed I got a confirmation from seven bands that were willing to perform. On the day of the show, I saw the bands drive in, but little guests had arrived. Around thirty band members showed up at my house; I was thinking that this would be a failed house show and maybe I should stop the show, but I decided to wait it out and start the show. After waiting fifteen minutes everybody started to show up in carpooling groups, over 400 people had arrived by the end of the first band’s performance. All I could see were crowds of people mingling around in large groups with sleeves of tattoos and widely stretched out gauged ears. My worries of having a failed house show were over and I wanted to have fun moshing around the groups of people, weaving through person to person, as they gave me an “Oh yeah!” and a” Good job!”
As the show progressed, more people started to arrive, fewer spaces to park were left, and the people started getting out of control. Some of the guests started drinking beer while others smoked weed, even one of them had decided to take a dump on the side yard, but I didn’t figure that out until the next day. It was obvious to me that people were doing drugs and publically drinking because of the fowl stench and trash left behind. In combination of drugs, alcohol   and the abundant number of people the only thing I could do was put a sign up that said “No Alcohol or Drugs Allowed!” and pick up the trash I could see to avoid any type of fine or arrest that could be given to me if the cops were to arrive suddenly. I can’t stop everyone from getting drunk and high, but I can avoid getting charged by the cops.
The sun was past set when the show was at its’ peek when the last two bands were playing, with the maximum amount of people going crazy, moshing, on my yard. I’ve noticed a certain older...

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