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The House Essay

  • Submitted by: calla312
  • on March 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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As I tiptoed softly up the stairs I tripped on the 5th step. Paused, thinking someone had heard me. It is so gentle I could hear my own heart- beat. Today at this time of day, it is so cold; maybe I should have listened to my mum and brought my gloves. Luckily I had lots of layers on. So I got up and as I did, I saw a crack in the next step, so I stepped on it lightly to see what would happen and suddenly it made a hole and I nearly fell through. Luckily, I grabbed a hold of the next step and pulled myself up (saying to myself don’t look down). This is kind of surprising because I come here often and there hasn’t been a problem before coming up these stairs. I heard a dog noise in the distance and, me being afraid of dogs, I immediately ran the last of the steps. The only reason I am able to be hear is because my mum is with her new boyfriend who I am very suspicious of, that’s why I’m here to see   them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I’m here I said, hoping to hear my mums voice, but no I heard a man’s voice (the voice of Kane my mums boyfriend). I wasn’t happy but I waited for him anyway, I saw his shadow coming. I had seen something in his hand and something dripping from it, I thought the worst had happened and I hid myself as best I could. I held my breath so I wouldn’t make a single noise. He walked right passed me and all you could here is my sigh of relief. As soon as he went back I ran for my life thinking if he had found me, he would do the same to me as he did to my mum. As I was running back down the stairs (crying at the same time) I had to remember were the stair with the hole was. I wasn’t even close to it but I jumped anyway being so scared I was going to fall through. I was so high in the air saying to myself I’m not going to make...

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