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The Hiring Process Essay

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Human resources management is a formal organization that manages people within an organization. When applying for a position with a company, you must go through the human resources department for the possibility of being recruited. This department is responsible for the staffing, training, annual performance appraisals, and dismissals of employees. The human resources administrative staff undergoes a selective process of reviewing employment applications and bases their final decision on a person’s skills and values. The human resources department has a planning process in which entails planning, programming, and evaluating the needs of the company. When a company is seeking to fill a vacant position, they have to decide if they are going to hire from within the company or to hire a person from outside of the company. This is known as internal and external recruiting.
Many companies chose to first hire from within the company. This process allows for dedicated team members to advance within the company and is chosen by their performance merits and their possessed skills. If the company is unable to find anyone suitable for the position, then they usually seek someone externally. An advantage in recruiting internally is that is less expensive than hiring from an outside source. In hiring externally, the company may need to spend extra money for background checks and drug testing. The disadvantage in hiring internally is that current employees may apply for a position but be under qualified for the position. The employee may have been at the company for 10 years but is not a suitable person to fill the open position. This in turn, would cause hostility between the employee and management. The employee may feel as if their time invested in the company was useless and believe they cannot grow within that company (Williams, 2009).
Another option for employers is to hire an individual from outside of the company. This is known as external recruiting. An advantage of...

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