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The Happiest Day of Your Life Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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The Happiest Days of Your Life.
They don’t listen, see, or ask about you’re opinion. They are focused on status, image and most important, other people’s opinion about them. The fact that they are taken advantages off you, just to make them look better. The feeling of being used by the people you trust the most. “The happiest Days Of Your Life” by Penelope Lively from 1978, describes that. In my Essay I will have a focus on the deceitfulness, and the parents blindness for their son.

“The Happiest Days of Your life” is a short story told with an omniscient narrator without commenting. The story stretch over a day, in the Sussex landscaped, around summer. “ The trim Sussex landscape flowed past the windows: cows, white-fenced fields, highly-priced period houses” (Page 61, line 2 -3). Sussex is part of the upper class, which indicates that the environment is rich. The school St. Edwards’s Preparatory School is a big luxury mansion in Sussex, where most of the story takes place. Also the inside of the school is very formal, with intellectual magazines, and the maid all done up. The school is very expensive, which tells that it’s not a middle class area. In the end of the story, they say that the school is a bit pricey. That shows that they aren’t entirely upper class, but more upper middle class.
Charles is the main character in the short story, and from the text I would say that he is an only child, since the parents want to send him to a expensive boarding school. His parents Mr. and Mrs. Manders are both self-centred, and don’t think about Charles, when they decide Charles has to go at St. Edwards’s Preparatory School. Charles’s father is a businessman, and thinks a lot about financials. The reason the father sends his son away to boarding school is to get contacts, because he know that some of the City people sends there children to the same school.
The mother is very much like the father. Except that she thinks a lot about her image, and how other sees...

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