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The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Great Gatsby – Francis Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

(exposé de Laetitia, Rosanna, Blanche)
I – Francis Scott Fitzgerald and the jazzy age

Born : september 24th 1896. Education in a catholic school.
1st piece of writing → The Mystery of the Raymond Morgage.
He dropped out of university and he joined the army.
1918 → camp sheridan; he met Zelda Sayre
1919 → The Romantic Egoist : autobiographical. The Side of Paradise also.
1921 → child, a girl.
Flappers and philosophers.
1922 → The Beautiful and the Beast.
1924 → They moved to Valescure (France).
1925 → The Great Gatsby, finest work. Portrayal of the Jazz Age; love and criticism of materialism.
1934 → Fender is the night.   First job : work as a screen writer to have money (poor).
He was a heavy drinker. His wife → mental issues.
The last Tycoon → 5th novel (unfinished).
December 1940 → death.

America, after World War I → destroyed all the old social conventions.
1929 → after the depression, contrast.
New way of living → Old // young generation.
Party → vulgar, extravagant. Lot of money, opportunities.
Revival → arts, culture.
Cars, telephones, motion pictures (films), electricity, industrial grow, consumerism....   → Consumer society.
Jazz → 1895, New Orleans. Played by african americans. Origins → slavery of african-americans. Improvisation → the first weren't able to read music.
New style of Jazz → European + African-Americans.
Chicago → moved to N-Y.
The jazz bands started the musical revolution → saxophone for example : dancing, people shocked by this sound that reminds sex.
Radio Broadcast → “potter palms”: radio show with concerts and jazz performances.
Illegal pubs for it → speakeasies. Excess.
Jazz linked to all the major issues → condition of women and the relations between whites and blacks. + corruption.
“Social questionable activities”.
Flappers → free women. Drinking, Make-up, smoking, with short skirts and bobbed hair. “Prostitute”.They were part...

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