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The Goal Essay

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This article “Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention in Hotel Industry” is written by J.Vijayadurai. The author analyzes that key to customer satisfaction and loyalty is heavily dependent upon the service quality provided by the hotels.   In this article the author focuses on the following objectives:
  * To identify the service quality factors in the industry.
  * To analyze the customer satisfaction.
  * To examine the impact of service quality on the customers satisfaction.
The author selected 30 hotels for his research to study the various service factors such as Service delivery, Tangibles, Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness, Empathy, Service product and Social responsibility. In the hotel industry perspective very important service quality factors among the guests are service delivery and tangibles. According to the study, it reveals that the guests moderately perceive in service delivery and tangibles in hotel industry whereas it is poor on empathy and responsiveness factors. The author suggests that service providers have to understand the service quality factors in their industry that could enable them to enhance positive customer’s satisfaction. The author specifies that service sector has been emerging as a dominant component of the economy in India. After globalization, there has been immense growth in hotel industry, but the major challenge for the hotels is to provide good quality of service, in order to attract large number of domestic and international customers. The author states that attracting new customers alone is insufficient, as the management must concentrate on preventing customer exit since the cost of attracting new customers is higher than the cost of retaining existing customers. (Vijayadurai, 2008). The key to retaining customers is through customer satisfaction and loyalty which is dependent upon the quality of service provided by the hotels.
Service Quality
In services marketing literature, the...

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