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The Genetic Privacy Act Essay

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  • on June 20, 2014
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Glover Ingram
Sociology of Violence
Kennesaw State
Michelle Emerson-Lewis
Module 3 Writing Assignment

The Genetic Privacy Act is a proposal for federal legislation. The Act is based on the premise that genetic information is different from other types of personal information in ways that require special protection. The DNA molecule holds an extensive amount of currently indecipherable information. The major goal of the Human Genome Project is to decipher this code so that the information it contains is accessible. Genetic information is powerful and personal. As the genetic code is deciphered, genetic analysis of DNA will tell us more and more about a person's likely future, particularly in terms of physical and mental well-being. The search for genetic information often involves locating predictors of undesirable and stigmatizing conditions such as cancers, and conditions that lead to mental illness and dementia. Meaningful privacy protection must regulate the collection, analysis and storage of DNA   samples, as well as the storage and disclosure of the genetic   information derived from the analysis of these samples, no matter who performs that analysis. It is, after all, the DNA samples that contain the individual's private genetic information. Under the Act, each person who collects a DNA sample ( blood, saliva, hair or other tissue) for the purpose of performing genetic analysis is required to provide specific information verbally prior to collection of the DNA sample provide a notice of rights and assurances prior to the collection of the DNA sample, obtain written authorization which contains required information restrict access to DNA samples to persons authorized by the sample source abide by a sample source's instructions regarding the maintenance and destruction of DNA samples.

The Impact of Behavioral Genetics on the Law and the Courts
There is a belief that Genetics is a major determining factor for...

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