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The French and Indian War Essay

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Below is an essay on "The French and Indian War" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

North America in 1750

1754  The First Clash

The Ohio Valley

Fort Necessity * George Washington

Fort Duquesne * Delaware & Shawnee Indians

1754  Albany Plan of Union
Ben Franklin  representatives from New England, NY, MD, PA


Albany Congress  failed Iroquois broke off relations with Britain & threatened to

1755  Br. Decides to Eliminate Fr. Presence in No. Amer.
Gen. Edward Braddock  evict the French from the OH Valley & Canada (Newfoundland & Nova Scotia) A Attacks OH Valley, Mohawk Valley, & Acadia.

Killed 10 mi. from Ft. Duquesne  by 1500 French and Indian forces.

Only Br. Success  expelled France from Louisiana.


1756  War Is Formally Declared!
Lord Loudouin

Marquis de Montcalm

Native American tribes exploited both sides!

British-American Colonial Tensions
Methods of Fighting:


• Indian-style guerilla • March in formation or bayonet charge. tactics. • Br. officers wanted to take charge of colonials. • Drills & tough discipline. • Colonists should pay for their own defense. • Prima Donna Br. officers with servants & tea settings.

• Col. militias served Military Organization: under own captains. Military Discipline: Finances: • No mil. deference or protocols observed. • Resistance to rising taxes. • Casual, non-professionals.


1757  William Pitt Becomes Foreign Minister

He understood colonial concerns. He offered them a compromise:

- col. loyalty & mil. cooperation-->Br. would reimburse col. assemblies for their costs. - Lord Loudoun would be removed.

RESULTS?  Colonial morale increased by 1758.

1758-1761  The Tide Turns for England

* By 1761, Sp. has become an ally of Fr.

1763  Treaty of Paris
France --> lost her Canadian possessions, most of her empire in India, and claims to lands east of the Mississippi River. Spain --> got all French lands west of the Mississippi River, New Orleans, but lost...

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