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The Elizabethan Age Essay

  • Submitted by: adana33
  • on September 3, 2013
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Britain’s position to the continent is more important for it.It is insular,but it has never been isolated.The British –Irish Isles have attracted invaders,settlers,and immigrants throughout in their history.In spite of this,each people   let something important behind.Thus,the British civilisation represents an interesting combination of Latin and Germanic culture.
In my opinion,an important period of Britain’s history is The Middle Ages.Since 1066 ,this age ,started with the reign of William I. He was the first Norman king,of England ,also called “The Conqueror”.
I think   this period is important   because in spite of all political,social and religious   problems,all unfit kings like Edward II,who was a weak king, in spite of the Black Death which considerably affected Britain and leaded to a dramatic reduction of the population by a third,Britain still increased.By the fourteenth century,English became the language of the ruling classes,but a Modern English,which makes it easy to read even nowadays.English literature displays a wide variety.Also in this period the England’s most reputed universities were founded: Cambridge and Oxford.John Wycliffe,an Oxford professor,involved in translating the Bible from Latin in English.
But ,the most beautiful period,that I like most,is the Elizabethan Age.After an unpleasant period,of the reign of her sister Mary I,when hundreds of people being accused of heresy and sentenced to death,Elizabeth I was more moderate.
She called   Glorianna ,Good Queen Bess or The Virgin Queen and she enjoyed of enormous popularity.
She established an English Protestant church.Under the Act of Supremacy,she assumed the title of Supreme Governor,instead of that of Supreme Head.Her goverment had to pass what was known as the Poor Laws,because in the last decade of her reign it was starvation ,epidemics and unemployment.Lagislation was enacted to regulate the wages and ensure correct prices.
She desired to develop trade,and that is the reasonfor...

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